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Our philosophy

For many years now we have observed the way in which the costs of building and restoring yachts has spiralled in reaction to the ever increasing demands of owners and fashion. Opulance has become the norm. What we seem to have forgotten is that classic yachts and especially classic racing yachts were once built within just a few months in time for the next season's racing. These yachts were built rough and ready by professional shipwrights, who were the superyachtbuilders of their time.

But they were built in wooden sheds on a floor of earth covered with years of wood shavings. Testimony to how expertly they were built though is the fact that there are so many of them still in existance. Nowadays a superyacht norm has permeated the yachting scene even right down to the smaller yachts. Owners have been led to believe that climate controlled, clinically clean workshops and laser cut interior joinery are necessary to build a yacht. We disagree!

There are still enough true professional boatbuilders, who are willing and able to build a beautiful yacht under less luxurious circumstances with therefore incredibly lower overheads. We at Yachting Elegance have researched the market and found a number of these yards that can build your dream yacht for a price that will certainly not give you any nightmares. Moreover we have not gone for the easy solution of fleeing to low cost countries with all the associated compromises in quality. Yachting Elegance has chosen to build in the Netherlands, the country, where yachting was invented and where the experience and quality of steel yacht construction is unrivalled.

As lovers of classic gaff-rigged yachts our initial interest concentrated on this type. Presently though we have expanded our range to include various types of Bermudan yachts as well including a complete spec for the construction of the ultimate classic racing yacht, the J Class! Our strength lies in our experience in the classic yachting world and an intimate knowledge of the boatbuilding yards throughout Europe. On top of this we only use naval architects with many years experience in yacht design, such as Dijkstra & Partners (Endeavour, Velsheda, Borkumriff and Athena) and Gaastmeer (Eleonora). But one thing remains the same. The price we offer without any compromises to quality and beauty is half that of any quote you will get elsewhere.