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The J Class

In their heyday at approximately 40 meters length over deck the J Class were the ultimate racing machines. Due to modifications to hull and rig the three still existing J's and the newly built Ranger are in no way comparable to the original yachts. The present J Class Association circuit offers exciting sailing for their owners. They are beautiful craft but due to being completely modernised they are no longer allowed to participate against authentic classic yachts at classic regattas and seen as Spirit of Tradition yachts in stead of classics. They are though still awe inspiring crowd catchers and racing with other Spirit of Tradition yachts are a welcome fixture of the classic regattas.

The ultimate classic yacht would be a true replica of one of the original J's. There is already another replica J on the stocks and together they would offer the discerning owner the unique chance of experiencing J Class racing as it was originally intended. Furthermore their addition to the existing Big Class classics with the 23 Meters Astra, Candida, Cambria and Lulworth, the racing schooners such as Mariette, Orion and Altair and the replica schooners Eleonora and Sunshine would boost this circuit to unprecedented heights and create instant esteem.

As originally intended the J's were extreme racing contraptions with simple but comfortable interiors. On the other hand they were surprisingly seaworthy and had strong hulls that could, with cut down rigs, withstand ocean passages. Built to the original specifications, for their size they would be an affordable alternative to maxi racing with a timeless hull design that would offer many years of top class racing in the classic circuit and would easily earn her keep as a charter vessel with a realistic resale value. We have researched various designs from the large and powerful but never built Tore Holm design from 1937 back to the smaller but equally beautiful and elegant J's of the early 1930's.