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Affordable superyachts by Yachting Elegance

The costs of maintaining or restoring a wooden classic to the standards now expected have risen astronomically in the past years. Not so long ago a few suspect frames or lengths of planking were replaced and a few coats of paint would suffice to declare a yacht sound and in Bristol fashion. Nowadays nothing short of a total rebuild seems to be acceptable.

Despite this a wooden classic will still need large sums of money to be annually spent on her to keep her in that state. Moreover, considering the manner in which these yachts are pushed to the limit during racing, the chances are that the restoration can be repeated again within the ownership period of her present custodian. It is therefore not surprising that so many large classic yachts are for sale. Although outwardly in good condition many are in dire need of major reconstruction work.

What is surprising is that so few people realise that these burdens of ownership are far less applicable to a steel-hulled classic yacht. Naturally they are even less for a brand new, steel replica. Furthermore what is also not common knowledge is that if she is built as humanely possible in accordance to the original design she will be accepted as a classic by the organisers of regatta's and therefore allowed to compete on an even foot with her older sisters. So an owner can enjoy the prestige and excitement of owning and sailing a classic yacht without many of the more unpleasant side affects associated with this sort of craft!

Building a new yacht of over 25 metres length is a complicated project. Most yachts of that size will either be built in aluminium or composites. Both are expensive materials. Yachts like this will be built by prestigious yards to the highest possible standards. The costs of modern superyachts like this can be measured in hundreds of thousands of Euros per metre. This has given rise to the impression that any yacht of that size must cost up to half its length in millions of Euros. This is a misconception as through the yards that Yachting Elegance deals with a totally different price structure applies to (classic) yachts built in steel.

Given the cost of restoring and maintaining a large wooden classic yacht, steel hulled replicas are a remarkably cost efficient prospect. The perfect alternative for the discerning owner who does not want to become a slave to his hobby but does want to be a participant in the exciting world of classic yacht racing.